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"I recently had to leave my 'rescued dog' in a doggy hostal while I was out of town. As this was our first separation since I found him on a street corner earlier this year I was apprehensive. Not to worry. I received updates and photos of my dog enjoying the life of Riley with Hazel and Wally, 099 581 8515, and several other canine borders. In fact he would happily have moved in with them. My receipt of payment even had a photo of my dog. This is a wonderful facility where the dogs enjoy living in a home, not a kennel."

Valerie Stephens-Ellis, Cuenca
"The boys said they had a grand time and thank you for the pics and taking such good care of them."

Andy and Ginger Pittman, Giron
"Thanks again for giving my little girl lots of love and the care she deserves."

Glenda Grant, Cuenca
"Boxer is a funny dog both bogs are very sweet. I feel so good having you there for our little dogs."

Roxanne and Henry Lord, Cuenca
"Dear Auntie Hazel and Uncle Wally: I hope I wasn't tooooooo much trouble bossing everyone around the house! Mom and Dad say I better be on my best behavior when I go on my long sleep over to your house. Thank you for taking very good care of me!

Love and Kisses,

Miss Smarty Pants

Missy Britches"

Tom and Monica McNaughton, Cuenca
"I just wanted to thank you so much for taking care of Max while we were gone. I hope he was a good boy.

He is still sleeping, so I think he got all played out.

Hope to see you again real soon.

Leeann and John Bogyo, Cuenca"


And that’s just a few. There’s tons more emails and letters from people who are taking advantage of Hostal de los Perros taking the first step towards boarding their dogs with no worry whatsoever.


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